History of Eastridge

Church of Christ

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Rockwall Church of Christ 

A permanent meeting place for the Rockwall church was erected on the southeast corner of Fannin and Washington Streets about 1860. The church steadily grew until and eventually moved locations to northwest corner of Fannin and Washington Streets. The church worshipped at that location until 1979 when they moved to a new facility on Interstate 30.


Lakeside Church of Christ 

The Lakeside Church of Christ began meeting on June 19, 1988 and eventually located on State Highway 66. The church continued to grow and hired James Hawk to be the preaching minister in 1991. His ministry began on December 21, 1991. 



Rockwall-Lakeside Church of Christ 

For fourteen years both churches existed on separate sides of town. Early in 2002, talks between leaders of the two churches resulted in a merger into one congregation on October 6, 2002. The new congregation became known as Rockwall Lakeside Church of Christ and celebrated its 150 year legacy of serving Rockwall on October 5, 2003. A letter was received on celebration Sunday, signed by George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States of America. The merger was cause for celebration and the Church continued to grow.  


Eastridge Church of Christ 

With the marriage of the two churches and the congregation outgrowing the limited space in the I-30 building, plans were made to move locations. After careful consideration and raising the funds, a plot of land was purchased off of FM 549. The historic ground breaking occurred in 2005 one lovely Sunday afternoon. With the frame in place and the walls of the building underway, the members of the congregation went on Sunday, March 20, 2005 to fill the building with scripture. 

After the new facility was completed, the decision was made to rename the church to reflect our new beginning.

Geographically, we were on the eastern edge of Rockwall. Geologically, we were on the highest ridge in Rockwall County. So, Eastridge was a logical choice.

Biblically, east of Jerusalem, across the Kidron valley, there is a two mile long ridge called the Mt. of Olives. It was on this ridge east of Jerusalem that the Glory of the Lord rested after departing the Temple. It is from this ridge that the Glory of the Lord returned to the Temple Many of the incidents in the life of Jesus took place on this ridge to the east of Jerusalem. 

So you can see, the name Eastridge Church of Christ is well suited for our congregation.