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History of Eastridge
Church of Christ

In January of 1836, two months prior to Texas becoming an independent republic (and nearly ten years prior to becoming a state) a wagon train known as “the church on horseback” crossed the Red River at the Jonesborough Crossing into the Lone Star State. The community of three hundred souls had travelled from Tennessee to Texas, led by minister and physician Mansil Matthews, sharing the Gospel of Christ and establishing local congregations along the way. These Christians were a part of the American Restoration Movement, a tradition that eventually became the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Church of Christ.


In 1853, Matthews and his family moved to Rockwall and assisted in establishing a local Church of Christ. The church grew over the ensuing years, at first meeting in homes, and then in 1860 completing construction of the first church building located at the corner of Fannin and Washington streets in downtown Rockwall.


In 1979, the Rockwall Church of Christ moved to a location south of Interstate 30, and then, in 1988, another group of believers, the Lakeside Church of Christ began meeting on State Highway 66 east of downtown.


For fourteen years the two churches existed independently of one another and on separate sides of town, however in the spring of 2002 a desire for unity between the two congregations resulted in the coming together of one, unified church. Following the merger, the church was initially known as the Rockwall-Lakeside Church of Christ but after new facilities were completed at our current location on N. Stodghill Road in 2005 it seemed appropriate with a new beginning in front of us to also have a new name. Geographically we are on the eastern edge and also the highest elevation of Rockwall County and so the name “Eastridge Church of Christ” was born.


Although the church has gathered in multiple locations throughout the last 170+ years, the Eastridge Church of Christ is a beautiful continuation of a legacy of unity and Christ-centered, biblical faith here in Rockwall, Texas.

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