Men's Retreat 2019

The men of Eastridge will be conducting our annual men’s retreat in February. Our theme this year is  “Wild at Heart” and we will be using the book by John Eldredge as our guide. Our goal is to rediscover the masculine heart that God designed in us as men and to reignite our sense of spiritual adventure and purpose. This retreat is for any man who wants more out of their life journey. Whether the concept of an exciting life in Christ is brand new to you or something you’ve felt all your life, you’ll be blessed by the weekend. 

The site we’ve chosen this year is Scottsville Camp in Marshall. Accommodations are hotel style with beds and bathrooms in each room (each room sleeps 6). The cost of the trip is $80 per person. That includes a room and all meals.  We will begin the content on Friday night and conclude after breakfast on Sunday with our final session and a Sunday service. 

If you can't make the whole weekend but would like to come for a part of it, please do. However, the cost will be the same regardless due to the fact that the camp purchases food for the entire group based on total number. Also, while it's understandable that busy schedules may prevent you from making the whole weekend, if it's at all possible, please try to. The content will build on itself so missing pieces of it will mean you've missed information that may connect things for you. 

Payment can be made online via CCB for Eastridge Members or in-person on Sunday mornings. Just swing by our table in the lobby!

If you'd like to sign-up online, click here. 

If you'd like to pay through CCB, click here. You will be redirected to the CCB site. There is an option for "Men's Retreat" under the dropdown menu in the "choose designation" bar. 

NOTE: Please don't let cost prevent you from attending. If financial need is a barrier to your attendance, scholarships are available. Please send en email to


  • Cost: $80 per person

  • Content: Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

  • Food: Provided on-site

  • Accommodations: Hotel style

  • For site information visit: 

When: 2/22/19 to 2/24/19

Where: Scottsville Camp, Marshall, TX

Time: 8 pm Friday - 10 am Sunday

Other: There are beds in the rooms but please bring pillows and bedding. 


"Wild at Heart"

Click Here for a list of what to bring.