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Audio and Video

Audio Visual
Every Sunday and Wednesday, the Audio Visual Ministry supports the worship service.  In only two weeks you can be certified and be part of this "silent" ministry. 

This is a behind the scenes effort operating primarily from the balcony or as we like to call it, the "Second Floor".  We have state of the art electronic equipment that other churches only dream of having.

The various jobs consist of:

Mixing Sound - We utilize a Yamaha 02R96 Digital mixing console which has automated features making its operation so easy teenagers can do it.  After only a few weeks of training you will be proficient enough to work any worship service.

Recording - We have two audio workstations separate from the live mix.  We record the sermon along with select bible classes to be used on our website.  We operate on both a Windows and a Mac computer utilizing ProTools Software.  This software is the same used in professional recording studios and is a great way to see how the "pros" do it.

Video - We produce various video projects in house for ministry and website support.  All projects are recorded in Professional High Definition 4.2.2 format utilizing the latest in Sony technology.

Lighting Control - Ever wonder how the lights change during worship?  Our computerized lighting system is operated by Touch Panel and is fully automated.  You can do it manually, but we are lazy and prefer the more "sophisticated" approach.  From this panel you control all auditorium lighting along with routing video feeds to various locations around the building.  We are not sure where all the wires go, we just know you can see it all over the building.

CD Ministry - We produce and provide CD's and DVD's to members requesting them.  We use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the artwork for both the CD and the jewel.  We have an automated CD printer along with three high speed duplicators.

Assisted Listening - We provide assisted listening for those members who require it.  The primary responsibility is to insure that all devices get returned to get properly charged, and answer any questions a member might have.  The most common question is "how does this thing work?"  We can provide instructions to you so that you can master these devices.

If you have an interest in any of these minsitries or questions, please send an email to our Ministry Leaders to learn more or get involved.