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Building Safety and Emergency Management

Hall Monitoring
The Hall Monitoring ministry provides an organized hall patrol to monitor for undesirable behavior or suspicious activity during worship.  It is our intention not to necessarily provide intervention, but to recognize situations and alert the congregation and proper authorities.

Medical Response
This ministry exists to respond to medical needs of our congregation.   This ministry does not intend to replace 911, but to provide evaluation, basic medical care and basic intervention.  In the event of a medical emergency, the Medical Response ministry will respond and intervene as able and within abilities until 911 can respond.

Weather Safety
The Weather ministry exists to monitor for inclement weather and advise congregational leaders on severe weather potential.

Fire Safety
The Fire Safety ministry exists to ensure congregational safety in the event of fire.  The Fire Safety ministry maintains the fire exit plans and monitors for fire hazards. 

If you have an interest in this minsitry or questions, please send an email to our Ministry Leaders to learn more or get involved.