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Greeting Ministry

The greeting ministry is vital to the way that guests see us as a church.  Greeters are the first people that a guest comes in contact with, so the members who are involved with this ministry must have an outgoing, friendly, and caring spirit.

Studies show that the typical church visitor makes up their mind in the first 7 minutes they are on our property whether or not they will come back.  This doesn't give us much time to make a great first impression, so it is imperative that we display the proper atmosphere for our guests.

We try to have greeters in the parking lot, the foyer, and inside the auditorium so that we can maintain contact in case there are questions or needs to be met.  By the time a guest takes their seat in the auditorium, they should have been contacted by several greeters (and many members).

Being a “friendly” church doesn't just happen.  It takes a special spirit to be able to welcome and interact with people you do not know.  If you have this kind of spirit, you possess a rare and wonderful gift that can be used for God's glory by joining the greeting ministry and welcoming souls into our fellowship.