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Eastridge Ministries

Ministry is really quite simple. Ministry is serving others in love and humilty giving all the honor to Christ. But isn't “ministry” for people who have trained for years as a preacher or song leader or some other person I see up front on Sunday mornings? It is in part, but just as it takes many ingredients to grow a fruitful plant ( planting, watering, tilling, the right temperature, etc... ) it also takes many abilities to meet the physical, emotional, mental, financial and spirtual needs of others.

At Eastridge there are many ways to plant and water. They are called ministries. “We have different gifts according to the grace given us.” Rom 12:6 God has graciously given me abilities that are perfectly suited for MY ministry... not every ministry, but the one just right for me.

Please join us in one of the many opportunities to serve here at Eastridge.